Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Makeover of Catania Cafe, Champs Les Sims

And, finally I am able to post a maxis mayhem entry!

I was thinking of submitting this in the last MM5 but got stuck with the makeover... I find it very challenging as this is my first time doing any serious design makeover. I used to play in my sim house as is, only adding stuff when the family I'm playing have a new baby.

So I did a makeover of Catania Cafe in Champs Les Sims and here are the pictures:

Before Overview: 
[Image: Screenshot-53.jpg]

After Overview:
[Image: Screenshot-63.jpg]

The rest of the pictures:
[Image: Screenshot-70.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-60.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-66.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-58.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-56.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-59.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-67.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-69.jpg]

Thank you!